Complete Solutions for a Connected World.


IT Managed Services

Net360 offers a complete proactive solution to keep you up to date, running smoothly, and efficient with our Managed Services from Level Platforms.



24 x 7 Monitoring and Alerting

Net360 will proactively monitor your network and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical.

When a site visit is required, immediate, automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response.

Asset Management

Initial network scan to discover and assess potential points of failure

Ongoing scanning for up-to-date hardware,
software and patch information that can also be used for theft, flood and fire insurance or taxation purposes

Warranty tracking makes sure you don’t pay for maintenance twice.

Preventative Maintenance

Net360 minimizes disruptions to your work environment by resolving issues proactively Deep, remote visibility into the health and performance of your IT assets allows us to diagnose problems faster than ever.

Security Assurance

Extensive reporting gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire network’s security.

Continuous monitoring and alerting for viruses,worms, malware, and attempted network access by unauthorized users.

Network scans will also detect high-bandwidth interactive games or illegal peer-to-peer file sharing applications that monopolize business resources and often introduce viruses and spyware.


You’ll get comprehensive, graphical reports every month

Accurate, up-to-date data simplifies capacity management and upgrade planning.

Business Reviews

We’ll meet to discuss the overall health and performance of your IT assets and ways to get the most out of your investments

Extensive data about your IT will support more accurate budget forecasting